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Frequently asked questions

  • Who runs this blog?

Just one person, my name is Daniela and you can find me Here, Here, Here or Here.

  • Which fonts do you use?

Arial and Arsenal White for the watermark.

  • What do you use to edit your pics?

Adobe photoshop CS6.

  • Where do you find the gifs and the pictures?

I make the gifs, I learned here, the other pics in We Heart It, the instagram from the boys, google, Jacks and Finns facebook and I edit them.

  • Do you follow or promote?

No, sorry I can’t follow back because this is a sideblog and if you ask in a nice way I can promote you in a PromoPost that I do when 10 people ask me that, if I haven’t promote you it’s because there’s no enough people to promote so be patient and you’ll be promote.

  • Do you make every request in your inbox?

Yeah, so if you have a cheeky request just send it to me in my cheeky askbox.

  • Which days do you post new chapters in the fanfiction?

Well I don’t have an expecific day, I want to surprise you with every chapter so if I’m late it’s because It was really hard to find ideas haha, but I hope you like it, you can find it here.

Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy your stay here! xx